Appearing with your business in the first positions of google maps is a very good local seo strategy. And it is that. Every day. People carry out mobile searches related to location.

Let’s see it with an example. Suppose you are the owner of a hair salon. A potential client finishes his working day and. Before returning home. Decides to go get a haircut. To do this. He accesses google. Or even google maps. From his mobile phone and searches for the term “hairdresser”.

Based on your location. Google returns a list of places. The results look like this in google search:


while google maps shows the results as follows:

google maps

if your business does not appear on google or google maps. It means that you do not exist for users and you will lose many potential customers.

If you have a physical business. Register on google maps and draw up a strategy to appear as the first result in local searches of your potential customers.

Therefore. One of the best things you can do to attract more traffic to your professional website or receive more calls from potential clients is to add your business to google maps . Let’s see how to do it step by step. In addition. You will learn what actions you can carry out to appear as one of the first options for certain searches.

How to sign up for google maps

google maps. Formerly known as google places. Is part of Honduras cell phone numbers google my business. The platform was created to manage and track the online presence of companies on google. Including google maps. Google analytics and google ads -formerly called adwords-.

As we will see below. Appearing on google maps with your business is completely free. And very simple.

To do this. You just have to register for free on google my business. Create your business file and follow a few simple steps:

create a google my business account.
Add or claim your business.
Complete the information on your file as a local business.
Check your business.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Confirm your business.
Fill in your business details.
1. Create a google my business account
the first step to appear with your business on google maps is to create a google my business account.

To do this. Go to google my business and click on “manage now”:

create google my business account

it will then ask you to sign in with your google account. If you don’t have one yet. Click “create account” -located at the bottom left of the screen-.

Registro google mybusiness

Add or claim your business
once you’re signed in. Google redirects you to the google my business home page where you can:

claim your business if it already exists in the google my business directory.
Add your business.
If your business is already established in the market. It probably already exists in the google my business directory and all you have to do is claim it.

To verify. Type your company name in the first box. Google will suggest matches based on companies registered with that name:

find your company in my business

if your company is already on that list. Click “next” and google will automatically fill in your company’s details in the following form. Still. Review them to make sure all the information is correct and up-to-date.

In case you want to claim it. You just have to click on the “request access” button.


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