Forget about quality content, Google is now COO Email List looking for ENGAGING CONTENT.

If your content is engaging and has maximum visibility, it will be rewarded by Google. So, apart from quality, your content should also have a high level of engagement. It should add so much value that people find themselves compelled to share it.

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We are in a broader social media-centric digital realm, where engagement and “usefulness” have a greater edge over “quality”. So, create the kind of content that the readers would read, like and share your content.

Views, “likes”, and shares are the metrics for normal content. For premium content such as ebooks and whitepapers, we use a separate metric to measure its effectiveness and that’s the number of downloads it attracts. Premium content includes white papers, “how to” guides, ebooks, videos, and PPTs.

Tip to create engaging content

Keep track of feedback you receive from readers. Apart from organic distribution, you can try other growth hacking techniques as well. Use different channels to distribute your content such as paid advertising, blogging, social media, and email marketing, etc.


Don’t forget to repurpose the content into videos and podcasts, it will multiply your content without having to conduct additional research to create fresh content.

When you create content, ask yourself these questions:

Therefore, Do my readers have reason to share it?

Will my content trigger a response?

Will my content help me connect with my audience on an emotional level?

Will my content withstand the power and volume of “content tornado” on the Internet?

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