importance of social selling and how this strategy can help you increase your sales. 

But I understand that sometimes theory may not be enough. Precisely for this reason, here you will find 3 statistics that will show you, numbers in hand, why you should include social selling in your business strategy. 

Social selling allows you to reach more customers 


48% of the companies interviewed stated that thanks to social selling they were able to reach a greater number of new customers (Smallbiz Genius, 2022).

So, with social selling you can reach new customers and maintain such a stable relationship with them that they will want to buy from you … how can you say no?

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78% of surveyed salespeople who use social selling Bahrain Phone Numbers manage to close more sales than salespeople who don’t use social selling (LinkedIn, 2022). 

And more sales not only correspond to more revenue, but to better performance and a better image of your company. 


Social selling is not only a way to increase your income, but also to offer customers a fast track to get in touch with the brand.

Couldn’t they call? Well, no. 

In fact, 33% of users prefer to contact a brand via social media instead of making a phone call (Optinmonster, 2022). 

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Users Prefer To Use Social

The very concept of sales is and has always been about relationships between people. 

Whether the sale takes place in a market stall or on the largest ecommerce in the world, there is still an exchange. 

On the one hand there is the seller who tries to offer value to his consumers, on the other hand there is the customer who is looking for a simple solution to his problem. 

The web and social media have made this exchange slightly more complicated: today consumers don’t just expect to find the product or service they are looking for. With the same product and service, they will always choose the brand that can offer them the best experience and the most human interaction. 

In fact, they may even prefer a more expensive product or a slightly lower one if they have a deep and sincere relationship with that business. 

 shouAt this point yould have extremely clear ideas about social selling and the benefits this strategy can bring to your business, and I just have to wish you good luck!