The first thing we’ll be talking about in this guide on link prospecting is what link prospecting actually is and why it’s important.o begin with, let’s try to share a clear definition of link building.Link building is the process of trying to acquire dofollow backlinks – i.e., links from other websites back to your own website – from relevant and trusted domains, AKA referring domains, using ethical Jordan WhatsApp Number List tactics that are aligned with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.Below, you can see a screenshot where we’ve highlighted some of the tactics that are considered to be against the guidelines of Google and other prominent search engines when it comes to link building.

Prospecting is the process of finding link prospects, or link targets, for your link building campaign.To perform link prospecting, you need to establish the link building techniques you’re going to use as well choose the link prospecting tools that can help you based on Jordan WhatsApp Number List the selected techniques.Qualification is the process of qualifying the list of prospects, that is link building opportunities, you’ve created based on specific, qualitative criteria.When we say “qualitative criteria”, we mean metrics like the website’s Domain Authority (DA) as defined by Moz or Ahrefs, total organic traffic, or number of outgoing links.

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Define The Tactic You’re Going To Use and Set Your

There are other qualifying criteria such as topical relevance which are not always so obvious and can’t be measured as easily as the website’s DA.Outreach is the process of reaching out to your prospects through highly-personalized email campaigns.The way you perform outreach changes based on your approach to link building.For example, reaching out to prospective Jordan WhatsApp Number List link targets for guest blogging, to publish a guest post on another website for example, is going to be different than reaching out to link prospects to pitch an infographic that you’ve created or to ask for a replacement of a broken link on your prospect’s website, or for a reverse image search link building strategy.

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