I’ll link to you, you’ll link to me… If you’ve heard that before and wondered whether you should do link exchanges, you need to read this guide because we’ll be discussing the following: What a link exchange is If exchanging links can be harmful to your website in Ecuador WhatsApp Number List terms of SEO Plus, we’ll be showing you a great alternative for getting backlinks without violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Hint: We’re going to build a link-building campaign using Respona, thus increasing our chances of getting links back to our content in a legitimate way.

A link exchange is when two website owners agree to link to each other in the content they produce for their own website or website of others through guest posting and content collaborations. In other words, a link exchange, also called reciprocal linking, is nothing more than when a website owner gets links from other website owners in exchange for linking back to their Ecuador WhatsApp Number List pages or resources. The following email might make the whole link exchange requests situation a bit more clear for you: As you can see, the sender asked me to give them a link in exchange for a link back to our website from one of the blogs they’ve got editorial access to.

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Sound familiar? In fact, according to an Ahrefs study on reciprocal links, the majority of the study’s sample sites, more specifically 73.6% of them, have reciprocal links in them. This basically means that many marketers and website owners out there are sending out spammy Ecuador WhatsApp Number List outreach emails to request a link to their resources in return for a link back to your website. Therefore, we understand that link exchanges seem to be a very popular link-building strategy, but we still don’t know if it’s good to exchange inbound and outbound links. What’s wrong with it, I hear you ask?

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