The answer is no. His proposal did not bring anything new and, in fact, Lego was not a pioneer in toy building blocks. However, everything changed in 1958 when the brand filed a patent for the classic Lego brick. This allowed boys and girls to create constructions much more solid than those of their competitors through their own system, which nobody could copy until the end of the patent. More than 60 years later, the Danish brand has become a benchmark for how to differentiate itself by adding value to its users. Netflix Lego Suma Still from the docuseries ‘The Toys That Made Us’ Connect and activate four dimensions We analyze it by reviewing the 4 areas that all brands should work to truly connect with their audience: Identity.

Lego has been concerned with building

Starting with its name, its history or its brand values, Lego has been concerned with building a solid brand identity that it has masterfully communicated Raster to Vector Conversion with campaigns that stand out for their witty, friendly and endearing tone. And of course, you stand out with a product that is recognizable around the world and that others have tried to imitate without success. Experience : if something characterizes Lego and makes it a unique brand, it is the brand experience . Since its inception, it has encouraged family play and the freedom to create and build whatever you can imagine. Not in vain, over the years the brand has developed ranges such as Lego Mindstorms based on robotics, Legoland amusement parks or Lego videogames and movies.

Raster to Vector Conversion

From building blocks, Lego went

Demonstrating that the Lego “game” goes far beyond the building. Community – From building blocks, Lego went on to build a large brand community Executive List  of true fans. The brand has been able to grow by offering its audiences what they were looking for, with licenses based on popular culture hits ( Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends …) or collector’s items (Lego Architecture) that confirm the success of the Danish brand among adults of different ages, races or hobbies. Innovation : and finally the brand has had the ability to constantly reinvent itself. Innovation would be a transversal area in everything the brand has done to develop its identity, experience and community, allowing the brand to be taken to another level, better connecting with its users and adapting to changing times.

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