Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to discover the ideal keywords to work with your content and to know data related to them, such as the number of searches and the positioning cost of each one. Through keyword research and subsequent content planning, you will be able to position your website and reach the top positions in search engines. In this article, we offer you a detailed explanation of what Google Keyword Planner is, we tell you what its benefits are and we share the step by step to start using this incredible tool. What is Google Keyword Planner? Keyword Planner is Google’s keyword planner and is used to find keywords related to a company or business, which are then used to generate content and position it in search engines.

With this keyword planner it is possible to obtain information about the search volume of a keyword, suggestions of related terms, trends and level of competition, among other factors. Unlike its predecessor Keyword Tool, this tool Cyprus mobile number associated with Google Ads and is much more practical to work with the default settings of an account. If you spend on a Google Ads campaign, the planner offers very precise information. What is Google Keyword Planner for? Keyword Planner is one of the most used tools by marketing professionals who develop content strategies to attract and capture potential customers. Find out below what its main uses are.

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In all digital content strategies, choosing good keywords is essential: they are the. Ones that connect the user’s search with your content. And, consequently, with your products and services. Discover new keywords. In addition to researching the data of the keywords you have in mind, with. Keyword planner you can find other keywords related to high search trends that will. Help you expand your content planning. See average monthly search numbers. The google planner also allows you to know how many estimated monthly. Searches a certain keyword has per month. And the frequency with which specific keywords in your sector are searched for.

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These numbers will help you choose the best keywords to position your content. It makes no sense to use words that nobody searches for or words with a very high search rank, since they mean high competition on the web. Keyword Planner allows you to understand the words or phrases that users use the most when searching for products or services: it is essential to understand how people search for information about the products and topics that interest them. The broader a keyword, the more monthly searches it will have; the more specific, the less demanded it will be. Depending on your goals, niche keywords may be more profitable for you.

What Is Google Cyprus Mobile Number Keyword Planner For?

Determine costs for campaigns in addition to providing information. On alternative keywords, keyword planner provides the average cost of displaying. Ads with your chosen keywords in search results. If the average monthly search for a keyword is very high, the costs. Will be higher because there will be a lot of competition around it. Ad costs are determined by a variety of factors, including. Not only your keywords, but also your budget settings and quality score. Create New Campaigns Keyword Planner is designed to be used in conjunction with Google Adwords ; therefore, it allows you to create —in a simple way— campaigns based on your keyword research.

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