In today’s episode, we’re talking to Kaleigh Moore, a talented freelance writer (and blogger) that works with well-established eCommerce and SaaS companies ranging from BigCommerce to HubSpot, AT&T and many more top eCommerce website builders. Based out of a small Slovenia Email List town near the capital of Illinois, Kaleigh studied communications and got her career started doing Public Relations at the Central Illinois Food bank, where she managed social accounts, did a lot of outreach, story pitching, and public speaking to drum up press & support for the organization.

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All along, Kaleigh was running one of her first side businesses – a handmade jewelry eCommerce store that was at one point ranked as a top-selling shop on the StoreEnvy platform, landed features on popular fashion blogs, and scaled with the aid of zero paid advertising. Slovenia Email List It wasn’t until 2013, as Kaleigh was getting ready to leave her PR job at the Food Bank, that she started working on her content creation business that’d go on to become a source of full-time income for her.

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Kaleigh Moore On How To Go From Side Hustle

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