I think that the contributions of neuroscience and rosa are very useful for analyzing the phenomenon of post-truth. As they present us with a broad anthropological framework that has not always. Been considered when reflecting on this phenomenon. This image has the attribute high empty; his name is posincredulidad1.jpg The same moral philosophy highlights the role of emotions, as Victòria Camps states that “emotions are forms of knowledge and appreciation of reality. To arouse the right emotions to achieve certain ways of seeing and appreciating things is to educate. That is why the education of emotions cannot be a psychological matter; it is, above all, a moral issue ”.

Udith Butler is one of the most cited philosophers of the second half of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Trained in the yale synagogue and philosophy department, she is currently professor maxine. Elliot professor in the department of UAE mobile number literature and in the critical. Theory program at the university of california, berkeley. Queer avant la lettre theorist. Butler has published extensively on gender, desire, identity, power, performative theory, speech acts. Psychoanalysis, sexuality, feminism, war, and the jewish question. Despite thinking that only about three hundred people would read it. His second book, gender trouble ,) had a big impact. On both what he was really saying and what was misunderstood.

Starting From The Principle

Misunderstandings about the possibility of redefining our gender identity at will made clear the extension of a desire to release the mandates of identity that was associated with a real Butlermania. Beyond fashions, Butlerophilia and Butlerophobia, Butler has continued to work withoutdistinguish between activism and writing. Woman in a very masculinized discipline, one of her goals has been to make it clear to a wide range of scholars that the so-called ‘theory’ in which she initially did not recognize herself is a step forward in taking the philosophy of the her ‘institutionalization’, as she herself explains in Undoing Gender .

UAE mobile number

2010. 43-46. The second, made in Paris by La Vanguardia’s Cultura / s , you can read the short and long version (Beatriz Preciado signed up for the event and also includes her voice). “My commitments are not just feminist” Interview with Judith Butler, Cultura / s, La Vanguardia , 220, 2006, Barcelona, ​​2-5 Opening Possibilities. Interview with Judith Butler ”, Reader , Vol. 13, (2007), Spain. 217-239. (along with Beatriz Preciado). Starting from the principle that what is personal is political, and also academic. I want to tell you how I came into contact with the thinking of judith butler and her person. I met butler theorist at the beginning of my phd in the science studies. Unit at the university of edinburgh in 1996, five years after the publication of gender trouble .

I Will Soon Have The Pleasure

By then, its international impact was enormous, but it took ten years to translate into Spanish. I devoted my doctoral dissertation to ‘sociologizing’ her gender thinking, making a cultural translation of her ‘continental’ philosophical ideas into analytical-inspired sociological theories ( Transsexuality and the Heterosexual Matrix: A Critical Study by Judith Butler , Bellaterra Editions, Barcelona, ​​2009). Shortly before finishing my doctoral dissertation, I had the honor of meeting her in person at a master class organized by Rosi Braidotti in Utrecht. What struck me most was his sense of humor that reconciled me to academia. After returning to my country and realizing that I had been trained in a very different academic and conceptual environment than here, I realized that I belonged to two worlds that needed a cultural translation.

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