In this episode, we’re talking to James Altucher, the founder of more than 20 companies, including a web design firm that began as a side hustle… he spent 18 months running web design company on the side (including hiring a dozen employees) before taking it full-time Thailand Phone Number List This was in the mid-90’s before the world wide web had proliferated into every home in America, so he had a very unique, valuable skill set – James created the early websites for HBO, American Express, and Time Warner – and he went on to sell his web design company for $15 Million just two years after starting it.

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But then, he lost everything… like $0 in his accounts everything. James found himself in debt to banks, the IRS, friends, and family. And right here is where many people give up, pack it in, take a corporate job and resign from the life of entrepreneurship for good. Thailand Phone Number List He kept reinventing himself, over and over again. James would go on to build and sell another company, get much better at angel investing, make his way into running a hedge fund, become a bestselling author of more than eleven books, start a world-renowned podcast.

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