Know what the average ticket is . Its importance for the business and the period of analysis. We are going to show you the tips to increase it and. Consequently. Win more sales . Follow: attract a more qualified audience the chances of a certain audience increasing the average ticket are much greater than the great mass and we call this a qualified audience . That is. People who really get closer to their ideal customer. It is on this type of audience that you should focus your marketing and sales efforts. Using certain strategies to attract the attention of these specific customers. One of the most common today is inbound marketing. Also known as content marketing. This strategy is about creating company communication channels that address matters of interest to this qualified audience. Drawing their attention to the brand. In this way. A closer relationship begins between the company and the ideal customers. Who end up trusting the brand.

More and. Naturally. Tend to buy more with each new order. Thus increasing their average ticket. This is a Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers consolidated strategy in the market. And. To put it into practice. The ideal is to have a consultancy. Which. In addition to helping to build your persona. The ideal customer of the business. Can also help in the planning of marketing actions. To reach it. Offer product combos a good tip to increase a company’s average ticket is to offer promotional product combos. That is. Discounts on the purchase of a certain mix of items. When you create groups of products with an interesting discount. The customer is attracted and ends up taking advantage of that opportunity. With this. The value of the shopping cart increases and the person still gets.

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To know new items from the brand. This happens even when the customer was not initially interested in purchasing more than one item. However. When viewing the discount. He ends up associating it with an opportunity and makes the purchase. Tip: how to sell online: the secrets they didn’t tell you! To be successful with this strategy. It is interesting to know the profit margins of each product. Calculating a good discount. In addition to creating combos of related items. This is necessary so that you and your company do not end up selling products and services below value and affect the company’s profitability. Remember what has already been mentioned above: the average ticket is fundamental. But it should not be analyzed in isolation. Offer free shipping from a certain value free shipping is a benefit that also attracts public.

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Attention. When this advantage is conditional on a minimum purchase amount. The customer prefers to spend on adding an item rather than pay for shipping. This happens because the customer associates the shipping value with an extra cost that he will have when making a purchase without any type of return. That way. He prefers to get a few extra items instead of just paying for shipping. For this. Again. Knowledge about the profit margin is essential . In addition. Know the amounts charged for the transport of products and try to negotiate better conditions. Either with the post office. With the contracted carrier or with other companies responsible for delivery. Indicate related items finally. Recommending related items.

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To the audience is a good strategy to increase the average ticket . If you are planning a trip. Looking for a backpack for camping and. In addition. You find a thermos that is useful. The possibility of including the item in the cart is great. This is an interesting strategy that requires artificial intelligence . In the case of online stores. Or good training for salespeople. In the case of physical stores. In both examples. It is necessary to maintain knowledge about the relationships between the products. Often. The customer does not have the knowledge about everything he needs. As in the example above. And.

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