We could say yes, but it is through an alternative program that makes Instagram think that you are using it from the phone instead of the computer.

The trick is to use Vivaldi , a powerful browser that is very similar to Opera, since it has the function of using different versions exclusively for phones.

Vivaldi will mimic the design of Instagram and will allow you to do all the functions that you could do through the phone, in which you will be able to include stories and images, and also adding the editing process.

Differences of Instagram Web and the application

While instagram web allows you to visit your account and. Review your feed, there are some limitations:

In principle you cannot upload images or upload any. Content from the computer without using the vivaldi browser. Therefore, the labels will also not be available.

Otherwise, instagram web allows you to watch various USA Phone Number content. On igtv, in addition to certain features that you can do. From the computer and not on the phone:

One of the biggest differences between the two versions. Is that on instagram web you can pause videos by clicking on them. While doing that in the app will mute the video.

These are just some of the features that we have been. Able to notice using both versions; if you find any more, please share them with us.

Bottom line: What you can and can’t do on Instagram Web?

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As in any social network, the possibility of creating an account is within reach, and later you will be able to check the feed, the stories, send messages, and receive notifications.

You can also “like” the photos or leave some type of comment, view direct, or deactivate the account. You can also pause videos by clicking on them.

And what can you NOT do originally from Instagram Web? As noted above, stories and bonus content cannot be published via computer unless you are using Vivaldi, a specialized browser.

In the same way, you will not have access to Instagram Shopping either, that is, the images of the products will not be tagged.

With this in mind, Instagram Web has its pros and cons. However, you can use it in a much more personal way and in places where you are simply interested in reviewing your account and not posting content.

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