Valuable information and inquire about things you know specific journalists in your top ten would be interested in. Think in particular of new surveys, awards, financial Finland WhatsApp Number List results, customers, partnerships, products and services, vacancies, or other movements in employership. Just throw yourself out internationally: we Dutch love.

To Compare ourselves

With the rest of the world. Subscribe to important newsletters and news apps and start your day with a tour of the media to see if anything is happening that touches your topic. Create RSS feeds and Google alerts so that you are immediately informed if something happens that you could inform the media about.

And regularly take

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About information that reaches you: do you see trends? What beliefs do you have about what is about to happen? What is the meaning of what you perceive? How does that differ from a year ago, ten years ago, per country, per continent? And if you are still missing information to arrive at a conclusive vision: actively look for it. 3. Do you have news Get.

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