Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Through AI and ML, customers can be served even better with products that are fully tailored to their Argentina WhatsApp Number List personal preferences and characteristics. Think of Google Now or the recommendations of Amazon or Google Maps that know exactly on which day you travel where. For many organizations, AI and ML.

Sound like future music

But in reality we are already working on it. AI and ML make it possible to make your products and services more personal. As a brand owner, you have many more options to integrate your brand directly into the daily lives of your customers. Also, read Brand management & marketing: make them strong together! 3.

The Internet of Things

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That all our devices are connect via the internet. This mutual connection requires transparency from organizations about their products and services. Brand experience is central, to which a strong reputation contributes. For your brand, IoT mainly means more transparency. As a result, organizations and products and/or services are increasingly separated.

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