Nir holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he’s also been a guest lecturer. He’s a behavior investigator, angel investor, and entrepreneur San Marino Email List who’s worked with companies like Eventbrite, ProductHunt and many more. Nir’s started two tech companies himself, one of which was a gaming company that got acquired and on top of all this, Nir somehow still finds time to sit down and write about psychology, technology, and business on his blog.

Focused In Work And Life

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San Marino Email List

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The Forecast 🌤: For December, I’m anticipating a drop in blog income as my traffic still continues to stabilize from all the volatility this year and revenue lags behind a bit. I’m expecting to land in the range of $17,000 – $21,000. I’m expecting to hover in this general San Marino Email List range of blog income as I keep investing heavily in driving up my organic search rankings for a few other key topics (one of which is starting to pay off big time already—but those affiliate commissions won’t start hitting my books until February).

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