Learn Dash is paid from the beginning and has basic features quite similar to Sensei. The integration for the different WordPress themes and templates is easier and usually allows a few more fancy things, when it comes to design. As for the basic functionalities for the organization of the classes, Learn Dash organizes it into Lessons and Topics, not like Sensei that does it by modules and lessons. For that matter, similar actions.


Where Learn Dash does stand out is in

The more complex features Namibia Phone Number in which Sensei needed extensions, after all, this is what gives it that differential point. With the basic package of Learn dash you have the following actions active: You have the possibility to create your own portal. Access a course builder. Manage advanced questionnaires, where eight different types of questions are available, personalized messages, question banks and the possibility of setting a timer in the questionnaires. Give the contents of drip feeding, even according to a schedule. Establish flexible pre-requisites in order to start a course, lesson or quiz. Have dynamic forums.


They can be private according to

Namibia Phone Number

Courses or public for registered users. Manage a gradebook automatically or manually. Ability to award points to students in order to get them to get even more involved. Award certificates and badges with personalized assessments for the activities of each course. Monetize courses in a simple way and with many opportunities to improve the user experience. They are the following functionalities. One time purchase. Single price, subscriptions and shopping cart supported Give the option to charge a fee or create recurring payments. Create shopping cart with easy Pay Pal and Stripe integration Membership. It allows configuring different levels in which accredited members can access several courses or only one. Course packages. You can sell your courses one at a time or in packages. course licences. Use of user profiles for students to track their progress. Sending notifications through emails.

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