Hero Image Examples:

Looking for hero image inspiration? Check out Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists some of my favorite examples below.

Because who doesn’t love Spotify? They do a great job with color contrast to make their offer jump off the page. You also have the option to scroll through multiple hero images!

Hero Image Example

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists
TaskRabbit also has multiple hero images, each of which features a different “We’ll help…” caption with an easy search bar below. Because most visitors may not know exactly what TaskRabbit is, they also include static subheaders which are small enough not to detract from the main hero.

TaskRabbit example

Grain & Mortar is a creative studio that produced a series of hero images which are actually short videos. The videos don’t have enough action that it completely distracts from the text, but enough to engage a visitor. I’d recommend a visit to their site to check out more of their pages’ hero images, they have done a great job with high-quality photography!

Grain and Mortar
The Infatuation (“foodie” restaurant reviews) has an engaging hero image, highlighting the key offer, which is also easy to navigate away from the main page. This is big! Sometimes, hero images are so encompassing, I can’t figure out where to click to get away from it! I just get lost in the photography, forget why I’m there and navigate back to safety.


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