So how to solve the independent station collection? For enterprises that want to conduct cross-border trade and increase the number of foreign trade orders, since they first contacted the independent station, in addition to understanding how to build an independent station and how to divert traffic, the more important questions are how the independent station charges and how to deliver the goods. . Even experienced cross-border enterprises must choose an appropriate payment method when building an independent station. Introduce you below.

1. Determine the cross-border charging method of independent stations

For enterprises that want to Russia Mobile Number conduct cross-border sales, P card is a very familiar name. Similarly, there are other more commonly use payment methods. Although those payment methods are also easy to use, they are cumbersome to operate and require manpower, so this method is generally not used as a cross-border charging method for independent stations.

The common collection methods for independent station charges include online payment, such as mobile payment; offline payment, such as cash on delivery. However, when it comes to local payment channels in certain overseas regions, third-party payment has become a relatively common local payment method, which is undoubtedly a good choice for independent payment collection.

2. Understand the payment methods in the target market

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Despite the current economic downturn, the increasing number of online transactions has promoted the development of online payment. Before determining how the independent station collects money. Finally determine the independent station’s payment method according to the payment method often use in the area to be sold. For example, there are many consumers in North America, which is very suitable for cross-border sales. In North America, credit cards and PayPal are the main payment methods.

In Europe, such as in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, e-wallet is the most important payment method; in Southeast Asia. Mobile payment and e-wallet payment are the most commonly use payment methods. Of course, cash on delivery is also very popular.

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