Believe it or not, taking a few minutes to learn how to set up Google Alerts (properly) can actually pay massive dividends when it comes to growing your blog audience. Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on a big blogging secret? Perhaps it seems like all the big Dubai Email List name bloggers in your niche are everywhere… commenting on posts, linking to great content, or constantly on top of the latest emerging trends. You might feel exhausted just looking at everything they’re doing. Dubai Email List And maybe you think they have a whole team of staff members scouring the web constantly.

How To Set Up Google Alerts

They probably don’t. In all likelihood, they’re using Google Alerts: a free, simple, incredibly valuable tool. Google Alerts can help you come up with ideas, monitor brand Dubai Email List mentions, build links, track industry trends and more. Best of all—it’s completely free. If you’ve never heard of Google Alerts, or you’ve tried it but didn’t get far, don’t worry. We’re going to take Dubai Email List everything step-by-step in this guide, using Google Alerts as a proven tool to help grow your blog this year.

Dubai Email List

Edit Your Google Alert

So if you’d imagined that top bloggers have a team constantly searching for relevant information on Google… well, you’re not too far off. It’s just that Google itself runs the constant searches on your behalf. No humans needed! You can receive Google Alerts by email or as an Dubai Email List RSS feed in your feed reader. We’ll take a look at exactly how to set up Google Alerts in a moment, but before we do, let’s dig into some great reasons to start using Google Alerts today.It’s Dubai Email List completely free, so even if you’ve just started blogging, it’s affordable. You just need a (free) Google account, which you likely already have.

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