In today’s episode, we’re talking to Arianna O’Dell, a marketing consultant and founder of the marketing agency, Airlink Marketing that’s had their work featured on sites like Fast Company, Huffington Post and more. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Arianna traded in her Mongolia Email List days of rain per year for the digital nomad lifestyle. After college, she worked a couple of PR and marketing-related jobs in New York City, and has since been traveling the world living in places like Spain and South Korea, since starting a remote marketing agency (with clients around the world).

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About

Now, what I find particularly interesting and admirable about Arianna, is that not only does she run a remote marketing agency, but she somehow finds the time to contribute regularly to major business publications like Inc Magazine and Fast Company. On top of that, Mongolia Email List she also runs an Etsy store as another side project called Ideas by Arianna, she’s made over 800 sales of punny mugs, tee shirts, yoga mats, and blankets. She does a lot of things, but most of all—she does them very well, which is an impressive feat.

Mongolia Email List

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