As a blogger, one of your most important goals is likely to drive traffic to your blog and (eventually) learn how to monetize that traffic. But getting readers to your blog is really Czech Republic Email List only the first part of the battle. You also want to keep them for as long Czech Republic Email List as possible. And ideally, you’ll deliver them enough value that they want to join your email list or newsletter so that they can get updates about future content, right? If you click on any of the links Czech Republic Email List you can see in the paragraphs above here, you’ll notice that they lead to other pages on my blog.

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The more you can use clickable links within your content—to direct readers to more relevant articles on your blog, the more likely they are to stick around and get more Czech Republic Email List value from your writing. Side note: If you’re curious about the difference between no follow and do follow links, check out my tutorial—what is a no follow link? (how to make no Czech Republic Email List follow links). If you’re linking to an external page (i.e. a page or post not on your own website), make the link open in a new tab—otherwise you’ll be purposefully sending readers away from your blog Czech Republic Email List anytime they click on an external link, without also keeping them on your site

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If you’re linking to an internal URL (a page or post on your own website) from a page or post that you want to keep readers engaged on, then make the link open in a Czech Republic Email List new tab—that way, they’ll still keep your original URL open too If you’re linking to an internal URL (a page or post on your own website) from a page or post that’s intended to route your Czech Republic Email List visitors to other resources, then make the clickable link stay in your current browser window—with the goal of reducing unnecessary browser tab clutter

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