The domain authority (DA), also known as website authority or domain rating (DR) is a metric used to determine the relative strength of a website’s link profile.It’s a metric that is used by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals — and the SEO industry in general — to understand a website’s ranking ability, based on the number of its linking domains.Different service Macedonia WhatsApp Number List providers have different names for a website’s authority and calculate their proprietary metrics in a different way.For example, Moz — one of the first SEO software in the world — calls it Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Authority Score (DA Score).

What Is Domain Authority?

Author’s Note: You can take a look at this guide on how to use Ahrefs to learn more about Ahrefs’ DR and other proprietary metrics, as it is a great SEMRush alternative.SEMrush — a powerhouse when it comes to content and SEO tools — calls its own metric Website Authority Score.As you can see, each of the three SEO softwares above has its own interpretation of website authority.Macedonia WhatsApp Number List Author’s Note: For convenience purposes, we’ll be using the term website authority throughout this piece of content, unless we’re referring to a metric from one of the tools we just looked at.Even though we’ll dive deeper into how each of the softwares above calculates website authority, a common factor among all the three tools seems to be the number of backlinks that the website has.

Why Is Domain Authority Important?

Since backlinks, i.e. links from other websites to your website or web pages, are still an important factor for ranking on the SERPs, you can understand that website authority is indeed an important part of SEO.Of course, there are distinctions between links — for example, we have nofollow links, which in general are considered not to pass on link equity from one website to another.Macedonia WhatsApp Number List Are these links treated the same as dofollow links in measuring the website authority? That’s something we’ll be answering later on. At this point, this isn’t as important as trying to understand that website authority can determine your ability to a) be considered as a trustworthy resource for terms that are relevant to your business and b) rank higher in Google search for those same terms.

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