As a new blogger when you’re just getting your blog off the ground, all of the little technical components of learning WordPress can be a bit of an unwelcome challenge—for example, figuring out things like how to highlight text in WordPress, (or change font colors Norway Email List and font sizes) for the various different text elements on your WordPress blog. Well, the good news is that while highlighting text in WordPress used to be less intuitive to learn on your own, it’s now gotten much easier to do in 2020 (both in Gutenberg and the Classic editor).

How To Highlight Text In The WordPress

And to make sure we’re covering all of our bases, I’ll show you how to highlight text in WordPress both using the Gutenberg editor and Classic editor—in this quick tutorial. Now, let’s walk through highlighting text in WordPress—without performance draining plugins that negatively Norway Email List impact your blog SEO and page load speeds. The (best) process for highlighting text in both the Gutenberg and Classic editors, is actually exactly the same from a technical standpoint—it just looks a bit different, due to the visual changes in Gutenberg vs the Classic editor.

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How To Highlight Text In WordPress

In both cases, you’ll be adding a background color HTML style attribute to the text you want to highlight. That’s by far the cleanest, easiest and most performance-friendly way to highlight text in WordPress (without the need for installing plugins or using other tools that inject unnecessary code into your blog). So, let’s walk through this process. Here’s a quick GIF (looped video demonstration) Norway Email List showing how to highlight text in the Gutenberg WordPress editor: Know that you can of course swap out the color code here for any 6-digit hex code you want to use as your highlight color—and you’re all set!

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