Just starting to do private domain, how to choose appropriate data analysis indicators, and how to analyze it?

In the process of business operation, whether we want to achieve online GMV growth or increase offline sales of tens of millions, data analysis is the basis for testing the operation effect and driving the iterative upgrade of the operation.

The importance of data analysis is self-evident, but at the same time high-quality data analysis is a more tedious thing. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number When we dealt with some customer cases in the past, we found that in the early stage of the project, it often took a lot of time to grind data and optimize operation methods.

First, the initial stage: user indicators, activity indicators

For example, in just one “adding fans” link, it is necessary to pull out more than a dozen sets of data for comparison, in order to finally select the best fanning words.

Why do it so finely?

Because of the data analysis methods of private domain operation and regular operation. There are certain differences in the underlying logic.

User metrics: follower rate, activity

Conventional operational data analysis is “transformation logic”. And all analysis indicators must be converted into Saudi Arabia Mobile Number single services for the final. For example, e-commerce operation attaches great importance to the delivery of ROI, sales, conversion rate and other result data. If the ROI can run correctly, it can start a large number of delivery. Here, the role of data analytics is to make conversions “the sooner the better.”

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The underlying logic of private domain operation is user-centered “refined operation logic”. Refinement is  in the finer granularity of data analysis.

Of course, the ultimate purpose of making a private domain is to convert, but it includes the operation of the user’s Saudi Arabia Mobile Number entire life cycle. Because when users can be repeatedly reached in the brand’s private domain, the more eager they are to harvest, the sooner users will leave your private domain platform.

So, if you are just starting out as a private domain, how should you choose appropriate data analysis indicators, and how should you analyze it?



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