Before we get into the strategies, tactics and templates behind effective blogger outreach, let’s lay the foundation for why you should consider doing outreach in the first place. So you’ve started a blog. However great your content is today, the reality is that nobody Ireland Email Database will ever learn about your blog—unless you get the word out there. And while your family on Facebook or friends on Twitter might be happy to cheer you on, you’re probably going to want to expand your audience beyond the people you already know. One of the best ways to grow your audience is through outreach.

Not Personalizing Your Approach

The blogger or publisher you’re reaching out to should get something from your newly formed partnership too—like a great free piece of guest content for their blog, an Ireland Email Database expert quote for them to include in an upcoming article or even just a highly relevant resource suggestion they can share in a future post for their readers. Today however, most outreach is really bad. And that’s why I’ve compiled my ultimate guide to doing smart outreach, so let’s jump in.

Ireland Email Database

Not Offering Something Valuable First

The sad reality is that most of the emails I get comes in the form of mass, un-targeted emails that are rife with bad spelling mistakes and show clear signs of a broken automation tool at work (like mentioning the wrong website, calling me by the wrong name, broken Ireland Email Database formatting and so on). If you were to instead send out hundreds of emails all at once using an outreach automation tool—with the goal of trying to start dozens of conversations or score a higher volume of links from small, spammy websites—you’re all but wasting your time. More on the nuances of link building (and why you shouldn’t do most “link building” in the first place) right here.

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