It is the collection of all actions taken in order to get publicity and coverage of your brand on relevant media outlets, industry publications, podcasts, as well as blog and social media posts, and reach both your short-term and long-term PR goals.In a sense, it is quite similar to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List a marketing strategy since it is all about spreading a message about your brand, but without the business goals that necessarily involve sales.In most situations, a public relations strategy is used to spread the word about your business, services, or products to improve their recognition and maintain positive relationships with your audience and stakeholders.

Why (& When) Your Company Needs a PR Strategy

But it has another use: crisis management.Mending a situation in which your brand’s image has suffered an impact.An example of such a crisis would be a data leak, or an employee doing something illegal or shady.There are three types of media channels, Malaysia WhatsApp Number List useful for managing public relations: owned, paid, and earned.This is the easiest channel to manage since you have total control over it.It is also the most important because, well, in order to be viewed as a trustworthy brand, you have to present yourself accordingly.

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It helps Improve Brand Awareness

Also, 99% of your brand’s mentions will link to one of your owned media pieces, so it might be your only chance to impress them.That’s why every single of your owned media posts should be top-notch.Earned media coverage is the hardest to get, but it is also probably the one that matters the most.Thought leaders’ and bloggers’ reviews, mentions, contests, shares, word Malaysia WhatsApp Number List of mouth recommendations, and even high Google rankings are all considered earned media. As PR expert, Dan Fries of BlueTree states, “High-quality PR mentions build customer trust and improve brand reputation.

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