I’m living proof that a content marketing strategy can serve as the backbone of customer acquisition for many kinds of online businesses. I’ve been doing it since Croatia Email List starting my blog 8+ years ago and I’ve seen first-hand just how effective content marketing can be in various industries & niches. However, while pretty much every small business and startup understands the value of content marketing, it can be a scary thought to dive right in. Your competitors or the people you look Croatia Email List up to are regularly posting long-form, in-depth blog posts, launching podcasts, or dipping their toes into the world of video, and it seems overwhelming.

How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Today, we’re hoping to get rid of some of that pressure you’re feeling and simplify the process of creating a foolproof content marketing strategy. Each part of your Croatia Email List content marketing strategy has its own unique nuances and details that you won’t want to miss. So, let’s look at each part of the process and I’ll be adding my own expertise along the way. Croatia Email List Now, let’s dive in!

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Define Your Content Marketing Goal

Every real blogging strategy must start with a goal that content can help to accomplish. How are you going to measure the success of your campaign? Is it with traffic? New subscribers? App downloads? Conversions? Social shares and engagement? Video views? Podcast Croatia Email List downloads? Sales? In his Skill share class The New Business Toolbox, best-selling author, prolific marketer and entrepreneur Seth Rodin explains the importance of understanding your why early on.

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