Want solid proof that blog post structure matters a lot? Let’s do a little thought experiment… have you made it part of the way through reading a blog post and just felt a bit lost? Perhaps you’ve had the thought… “hurry up and get to the point already!” Or maybe you’ve wondered Jordan Email List whether or not a blogger simply forgot to include half the article by mistake, because it ended so abruptly? All of these issues indicate a clear problem with the blog post structure at-hand.

Simple Blog Post Structures That Work

The structure of your blog post is like the walls and roof of a house—it’s important to build those features in from the moment you start a blog. Without having your walls and roof firmly and securely in place, you could have fancy wallpaper and nice decorations… but nobody will actually want to live there. It’s the same with a blog post. You could have brilliant ideas and an amazing way with Jordan Email List words… but without an effective blog post structure, the whole thing will come crashing down. There are plenty of tried and tested blog post structures that you can use for laying out your articles. Once you know what they are, you’ll see them being used on other blogs—over and over again.

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Easy Blog Post Structure

Tip: Some bloggers worry that following a specific blog post structure will inhibit their creativity. In fact, once you try structuring your posts well from the start, you’ll find it frees you up to be more creative. You may even find that specific structures help prompt you toward new Jordan Email List ideas for your blog. We’re going to first look at two simple, yet extremely effective blog post structures to draw some inspiration from in your writing process. After that, we’ll dig into some easy, powerful ways to extend these simple structures into a more finessed result. Finally, we’ll talk about how to tastefully borrow inspiration from features you may admire on my blog here… to incorporate into your own blog post structure over time.

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