It becomes part of the brand for your blog. It’s the name readers will remember… and even your domain name alone can attract (or turn away) readers. This is why so many bloggers get stuck on how to choose a domain name during the process of learning to start a blog. It’s French Email Lists easy to fall into the temptation of wanting the perfect domain name—when it feels like all the best domain names are already taken. Or maybe you just don’t know where to begin, because all the names you’re coming up with seem a bit bland or uninspired.

Figure Out Your Topic (And Angle)

A blog niche is a carefully selected topic area that you’ll be focusing your blog content around. In simpler terms, picking a niche is really just another way of determining the overarching topics and themes you’ll be writing about on your blog. This doesn’t necessarily mean picking French Email Lists the same niche all your friends write about—or the niche that seems to be the latest hot trend online. This decision may not even mean pursuing a niche that’s traditionally easy to monetize. Choosing the right niche (and eventually a smart domain name) should be a decision fueled by the combination of two major factors.

French Email Lists

Decide On Your Target Audience

Either way, chances are high that there’s a buried setting for changing your font sizes somewhere within your WordPress theme—and the right help article or explanation from your theme’s support team could be exactly what you need. Take a little time to do some digging. French Email Lists Now if you still can’t find any help articles and your theme developer can’t help either… my next advice is to switch to a better WordPress theme. Here are a few of the fastest (free) WordPress themes on the market that I’d highly recommend today:

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