Today, we’re talking about how to change font color in WordPress (on your blog). As a new blogger when you’re just getting started, it can be a bit confusing figuring out things like how to change the font color (or font size) for various text elements on your WordPress blog. Portugal Email Lists The good news is that while changing font color is something that once used to be less intuitive to figure out on your own, it’s thankfully gotten much easier to do in 2020 with how much WordPress has progressed in recent years. To be sure, there are actually 3 different ways to change font color in WordPress and I’ll be showing you exactly how to do that in this quick tutorial.

How To Change Font Color In WordPress

Let’s say you want to change your site-wide font color from jet black to more of a dark grey… If you’re using one of the many best WordPress themes on the market today, then controlling the visual layout of your blog content like this can be done in just a few clicks from inside your Portugal Email Lists theme settings. First, you need to check and see if your WordPress theme gives you the option to change font color site-wide Navigate to: Appearance → Theme Options

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Changing Site-Wide Font Color In Theme Settings

Once you’re in theme options, look for menu items that suggest controlling the visual style of your blog. Words like “styling” and “typography” are the best places to start. Here’s where the font color settings can be changed in just a few clicks inside my WordPress theme,Portugal Email Lists OptimizePress: My website redesign project continues onward and is just about finished. To add to that, my annual ConvertKit bill also hits during November, so my expenses were up pretty significantly—though ultimately I end up saving more than $1,700 each year by opting for their annual billing option, so it’s well worth the big hit once a year for an incredible tool that sits at the core of my business. Profit for November came in at $11,436.72.

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