The only constant is change. That’s more true PR Directors Email Lists of technology than anything else. Unsurprisingly, digital marketing best-practices evolve with technology.

One of the most obvious ways that online marketers have been forced to adapt to changes in high-tech over the past several years is with the emergence of mobile devices. Thanks to the widespread acceptance of smartphones, tablets, and phablets as the “go to” source for casual web browsing and digital communications, marketers were left with little choice: embrace mobile marketing or go bankrupt.

PR Directors Email Lists
How Pay-Per-Click Is Changing With Mobile

In this article, we’ll cover the dominance of the mobile market and explain how pay-per-click (PPC) has changed because of mobile technology. Finally, we’ll offer a few best-practices for modern mobile advertising.

The Emergence of Mobile
“Mobile first.”

Some online marketers and web designers have adopted that as their mantra. The whole idea behind the “mobile first” concept is that you start by designing your campaign or website for a mobile audience and then look for ways to reach a desktop or laptop audience afterwards.

It was once the case that people designed websites for desktops first, and then adapted them to mobile platforms later. The “mobile first” crowd does the exact opposite.

Many online marketers adopt a “mobile first” strategy for good reason. Google has confirmed that there are more searches now on mobile devices than desktop devices. Also, the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of desktop users.

You probably won’t need to look far to find anecdotal evidence that mobile traffic dominates cyberspace. Have a look at your own analytics and it’s likely you’ll see that much (if not most) of your traffic comes from a mobile platform. That’s especially true if you’re running a “news” type of site like BuzzFeed or Mashable.

In short: mobile dominates.

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