No less than four times per year, every year, I  hear, “If I am ranking well organically, I shouldn’t need to pay for those keywords.”

Or, more often, it is: “I am top of the page for my brand name, so I don’t need to bid on my brand keywords.”

And each time I hear this, I let the Pakistan Mobile Number small fit of internal rage pass before responding.

That response typically goes something like this: “Well Mr./Mrs./Ms. X, let me tell you about the paid search incrementality theory, or as it is often coine, the 1+1=3 theory.”

After I finish explaining the rule to them, 90% back off from their request to stop keywords, 9% request to test the theory, and 1% ask me to stop talking.

I recently accidentally tested out this theory and will share my findings in this article.

Paid Search Incrementality in Practice

First, please note the following disclaimers:

  • This is not related to public policy theory of incrementalism or the law of incremental improvement.
  • There is no formal name Pakistan Mobile Number for this law/theory, so it will be referred to as incrementality in this article where needed.
  • The data presente in this was not done as part of a scientific study. The scenario that leads to us being able to do this data analysis came to us by pure accident. It is real data but did not have a formal test place, control group, etc.
  • Every situation is different so if you elect to test this theory on your own, do it in a controlled and planned manner.

What Is Paid Search Incrementality?

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

The concept itself has been around since at least 2009. Melissa Mackey wrote an article in the (now defunct) DMNews in March 2009 called Guide to Search Marketing, showing the benefits of SEO on SEM.

(If you have the time, here’s a fascinating read of the scientific study done in 2010 by Sha Yang and Anindya Ghose for NYU: Analyzing the. Relationship Between Organic and Sponsored Search Advertising: Positive, Negative, or Zero Interdependence.)

The theory itself is that when Pakistan Mobile Number you do just. SEO or SEM by themselves, they will provide one visitor to your site, each.

But when done concurrently, SEO and SEM produce a halo effect. Instead of getting two visitors to the site, you end up with three.

Net-net, together they drive incremental growth.

Based on this theory, if you do SEO work for a site. SEM should also be part of the marketing mix.

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