Today’s post is coming to you from my friend Neil Sheth, the (now) owner of a digital marketing agency in London and a former investment banker from Goldman Sachs. Just five months ago, he quit his day job to focus on growing his side business. What’s great about Neil’s Benin Phone Number List story is that he used several highly effective accountability hacks to make sure that he stayed on track with his mission of being able to leave his full-time gig. set realistic goals that’d eventually work him up to enough side income to afford quitting his full-time job. Then, he found a clever way to hold himself accountable for achieving those goals (we’ll get to that soon).

What Is Accountability (In The Context Of Growing

In short, Neil set himself up for success. And it’s paid off. Here’s Neil relaxing, having a drink and enjoying some of the flexibility from his new-found freedom… It took me 10 years of working in finance and launching side business after side business, in order to finally quit my job Benin Phone Number List on December 31, 2016. At the time of writing this article, it’s been about four months since I quit my day job. I’ve had some of the most fulfilling months of my life… The icing on the cake is that I’m doing something I love and actually seeing the positive impact I’m making with the businesses I’m working with.

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Why You Need To Hold Yourself Accountable

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Not only evenings and weekends anymore. See, picking the right business is just one part of getting closer to quitting your job and making money on your own two feet. Like, I must have launched eight businesses over the last decade. Some failed Benin Phone Number List straight off the bat. Some made money but not enough to quit my job. Others, I lost the interest in them after they were launched. I did something different this time with my current business. I held myself publicly ACCOUNTABLE to growing my side business and quitting my job by 31st December 2016.

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