Dear Mary,

It was thrilling being in the audience at VP HR Email List Code two weeks ago to hear you present your 2016 Internet Trends Report which was, as expected, full of thought-provoking data and analysis about the state of the Internet and its impact on business.

VP HR Email List
When I wrote to you a few months back, my focus was on the mobile engagement crisis and the chasm between the pace of business innovation and consumers’ demands and expectations for mobile. While you didn’t address this explicitly in your presentation, as I listened I heard many other points which not only expanded my view of the engagement crisis – beyond just mobile – but also heightened the urgency to fix it. The big takeaway for businesses and brands: it’s all about the user, not the channel of engagement.

Here’s why:

“Easy growth is behind us.”

The past two decades saw incredible growth with surging global adoption of digital and mobile. Business and communications have been forever disrupted. While the disruption and innovation continues, the days of easy growth are behind us. “New internet users are going to continue to be harder to find,”

you told us. For businesses and brands, this means the competition to win, engage and retain users is going to be far more acute. Whether on mobile or web, the battle lines of engagement are drawn and the stakes are higher than ever.

“The re-imagination of communications.” You focused a great deal on how communications have fundamentally changed. We’ve moved from simple social

conversations to more expressive interaction. From text to images, video and emojis, consumers

not only expect, but prefer, to engage with businesses and brands via these new modes of engagement. Those companies that cannot keep pace will surely lose to those who can.

“Winning marketing must be hyper-targeted and personalized.” You gave examples of brands who are reimagining marketing successfully, like Stitch

Fix who uses data and machine learning to provide, and optimize, each customer a differentiated,

personalized experience. These are the kinds of engagements and experiences that are setting

the benchmark for consumers – and other brands will be measured against them.

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