Note from Ryan: I don’t often use the space on this blog to talk about my personal life, and I know a business-focused blog like mine is an imperfect vehicle for the delivery of this message—but I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people here… so I want to this to be seen Nigerian Email Database by as many of my readers as possible. Some thoughts I want to share with you today:Oh, and real quick… always remember that when you publish a post on your blog containing affiliate links (like this post does), you’re required to have a disclaimer like this one here:

Beyond Self-Reflection, Having Tough Conversations

This has been another month that feels like an entire year has gone by (especially here in the US). The past few weeks for me have been marked by a lot of personal reflection, education, uncomfortable conversations with friends & family—and by taking action to create the Nigerian Email Database change we need in our country (and world). I’m taking a stand for human rights in ways I’ve never done before, and using my platform to express the urgency of the problems we face in the US, with a long history of systemic racism, police violence, and widespread subtle prejudice & unconscious bias on an individual level.

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Remaining Silent While The Rights Of Others

The enormity of my own privilege as a white man that grew up in a middle class family in California is not lost on me. I’ve had a massive head start simply because of the color of my skin, circumstances of my upbringing and all of the opportunities I’ve been afforded as a result. Nigerian Email Database I have an incredible amount to be grateful for and I’m choosing to deploy the resources I have to help others. I feel like I’ll be forever playing catch up, but the one thing I know I can do is start taking action now—and commit to never stopping.

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