In today’s episode, we’re talking to Alex Berman, CEO of the agency, Experiment27, where he and his team help dozens of other digital agencies with generating more leads, getting more referrals, and launching high-converting outbound selling campaigns. When I say Niger Email List Alex is a pro at sending cold emails, that couldn’t be more of an understatement because he’s literally sent millions of cold emails both for his own business and on behalf of his clients—all with the goal of closing a sale.

How Alex Berman Uses Cold Email To Generate

Over the years, Alex has worked with various startups, agencies and as a freelancer in New York City, and when he eventually found himself as a director of marketing for one of those companies, he noticed a massive gap in the marketplace where he could put his own marketing Niger Email List skills to use helping agencies and freelancers get better at generating qualified leads THAT is when Experiment 27 was born, and just two years later, the agency’s now earning over $1 Million in annual revenue.

Niger Email List

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About

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