Evaluate what aspects you are going to correct in. The photograph a good practice before starting to edit the various adjustments in. Adobe photoshop lightroom is to take a moment to evaluate the photo. For this we can use the zoom Paraguay Phone Number controls of the browser panel and the hand tool to move exactly through the desired area. We can then continue to use the histogram panel that provides us with a representation of the number of pixels in an image at each percentage of luminance. For example, if an image shows a histogram that goes from left to right. It indicates that this image makes use of the entire tone scale.


If an image

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Does not have the full tonal range, it may be that it is dull and lacks contrast. In the event that the histogram shows peaks on some of its sides, as you can see in the previous image, this means that the photograph has shadow and highlight clippings . This can lead to a decrease in the level of detail. To make adjustments to the histogram you simply have to. Drag the different points of the histogram and these will be displayed at the same time in the basic panel.

Adjust the

Color within the develop module global color adjustments will be made. The recommended methodology to follow would be to start with the basic tab to adjust the white balance. Image hue and saturation, clarity and intensity. We can then further refine the global tone and color settings in the tone curve / hsl / color / black & white tabs. Finally, we highlight the divide tones panel, ideal for adding effects to our images or coloring those that are monochrome. Revealed_lightroom 4. Edit the noise level and focus on some other occasion we will need to reduce. The noise or graininess in our photographs with

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