The do’s & don’ts of journalists and experts At the end of your search, know what information is important to them and their audience. You can be reactive with  France WhatsApp Number List journalists who are not on this list. You will actively approach the journalists who are on it. Think of them as your most valuable customers. Pay attention.

Of course all want To Talk

Don’t forget the trade journalist. This one may have a smaller reach, but if that’s exactly your target audience, this trade journalist should at least be on your wish list. 2. Have your own information provision in order Make sure you always have access to current information. First of all, that means that you have a document.

Somewhere In The cloud

France WhatsApp Number List

With important figures. Journalists need facts and these are often decided in numbers. Check and update these figures regularly. Make sure to include your contact details and any links to other valuable information. Send the document to a journalist when they ask for numbers in a conversation. Regularly contact people in your network who have.

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