Profitability of a company. Building and managing a successful brand is not the result. Global and coordinated work that requires focus rigor and determination. We share a new selection of articles that can be a good guide to focus brand management and turn it into a key asset for the business. These are the 10 most read articles on our blog. Think that NFC chips are getting cheaper every day and are already below 20 cents.

How to Build a Successful Brand

How to Build a Successful Brand: Complete Step-by-Step Guide Brand equity: what the concept consists of and how it is built Brand strategy: what is it and what Banner Design are the benefits of investing in it? What is the Corporate Identity Manual and what is its importance? What are brand attributes and how do they define it.  Naming techniques to create your brand name. The types of KPIs in branding how to measure the success of the brand Brand extensions.  How to raise them and how far to go. YO Advertising and public relations similarities.  Differences Examples of personification that have succeeded in the world of brands. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

Banner Design

To be able to generate memorable experiences

To be able to generate memorable experiences, build solid communities and surprise us with innovative solutions. And all these efforts must be Executive List driven by identities that are full of meaning and inspiration. New call-to-action.The 10 best posts on branding and brands of the year summa team The 10 best posts on branding and brands of the year Posted on August 5, 2021 August has traditionally been a month to rest, enjoy the holidays and recharge the batteries for the new course.  And in the times we live in, marked by uncertainty. To have the right tools and knowledge. To adapt brands to the moment.And post-pandemic. Codes are the new normal.  Into account and that work in parallel and continuously.

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