A marketplace with a lot of activity. 2) The establishment has put more money than ever. It is no longer so much a niche project for geeks. But large funds and the entertainment industry is positioning itself and investing considerable sums of money. We are prepared almost half of society is already digital native. And those of us who are not spend half of our time on connected screens. We are ready to understand and assimilate the great change of narrative that the metaverse proposes to us: to enter instead of to see. And it is precisely that change of narrative, of point of view, that produces more vertigo and fear of the unknown. We are scared of how alienating it can be to turn our backs on our reality to enter another.

Metaverse a dystopia or an opportunity

Metaverse, a dystopia or an opportunity? This is why the metaverse polarizes and ignites the views of both doomsayers and enthusiasts. For the Color Correction Service former, they already told us, it marks the beginning of the end. The Wall-E dystopia; all fat people lounging in our seats putting ourselves to the top of garbage and easy content by way of Soma Huxleyana. A quick escape from reality. Because beyond the platonic debate of whether or not we already live in reality, the metaverse could be configured as a Matrix where we would give up our most uncomfortable freedom in exchange for a new freedom, a little less real, but much cooler. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, see many opportunities. Not only business, but also cultural and social. Because basically, for the most optimistic, we are talking about a new world with new opportunities to do things better.

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I imagine the metaverse in the worst of its faces

Sometimes when I imagine the metaverse in the worst of its faces, I imagine Benidorm. I believe that as a collective, we are perfectly capable of the best Executive List and the worst. Sometimes when I imagine the metaverse in its worst face, I imagine Benidorm. A once virgin space, now turned into an excess as a result of greed and short-termism. In fact, there is a metaverse project with a lot of money behind it called Bloktopia which consists of a 21 million story building. I know it’s an imaginary skyscraper, but it keeps giving me weird deja vu . But as a collective we are also capable of creating wonderful artistic and urban projects. Offer tools and contexts for creators to create, so that art continues to help us evolve as a society and we have better access to knowledge every time. More immersive, more synesthetic, more beautiful, more exciting content.

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