This is your new best friend So the number of voice devices is increasing rapidly, but how are they being ? And are they really that useful? How Jamaica WhatsApp Number List voice is used The Reuters research shows that smart speakers are particularly appreciated for performing simple tasks, such as playing music. 84 percent of consumers.

Regularly use the speakers

For This, 61 percent also mention music playback as their most valued feature. Answering questions, reading the weather forecast, and setting timers or reminders are other frequently used functions. Also striking is how people start and end their day with voice technology. Enthusiastic users, for example, start their day with.

News radio  Information

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

About the weather and traffic, and an overview of appointments in their agenda. Voice does not replace other media, but becomes a gateway to that media. The location of the speaker and the living situation (single or family) have a lot of influence on the use of the smart speakers. For example, some people indicate that listening to a podcast is too personal.

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