Instagram Advertising
Instagram is a mobile app that also generates revenue from advertising. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it does a good job of “evangelizing” the platform with not-so-subtle suggestions to users such as: “Your friend John Smith is on Instagram.”

As of this writing, Instagram has a user base of more than 400 million. Once again, it’s a great bet that somebody in your target market is using Instagram.

Instagram is also one of those native apps that won’t be affected by ad blockers. That makes it another outstanding choice for digital advertisers who are concerned that their ads won’t be seen.

Google in the Game

Facebook and its stepchild Instagram aren’t Engineering Directors Email Lists the only high-tech companies interested in mobile advertising. As we’ve seen, advertising giant with AdWords.

But Google also offers marketing opportunities to companies that make native apps. If you’re in the process of creating a great app and you’d like to monetize it, consider using AdMob as your advertising channel of choice.

Engineering Directors Email Lists

What is AdMob? You can think of it as AdSense for native app publishers. It allows apps to show ads that generate revenue per click.

One of the most attractive features of using AdMob, as we’ve seen, is that ads in native apps aren’t blocked by ad-blockers. That’s a strong selling point in and of itself.

There’s a lot more that AdMob has going for it, though. It’s also backed by Google’s powerful advertising platform. That’s good news if you’ve found Google AdWords to be a successful source for lead generation in the past.

Google for Advertisers

Google doesn’t just offer great advertising solutions for publishers. Advertisers can also take advantage of some of the company’s great marketing options.

For example, if you’re marketing a native app, Google lets you run an ad that offers people in your target market a “try before you buy” option. Since that type of marketing seems to work so well in the physical world, there’s no reason to doubt it will be successful in the digital world.

Here’s how it works: you run ads that allow people to use your app for 60 seconds. The ad is basically an opportunity to “whet the appetite” of users in your target market. If they like what they see, they can download the app with just a few swipes and/or touches.

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