This November 4 marks 20 years since the death of Gilles Deleuze. I still remember when Professor Miguel Morey told us in class two days after his death, a semester when we were just beginning to discover his thoughts excitedly. Even today Deleuze is a tremendously influential French philosopher in the arts as well as in some of the current currents of thought such as neomaterialism, post-feminism, speculative realism, or object-oriented ontology. For this reason, the MACBA is organizing a conference called ‘Gilles Deleuze and the Geology of Creation’ , which will take place on 6 and 7 November .

Among the participants in the two sessions we will find gabriela berti, laura llevadot, carmen pardo, santiago auserón. Anne querrien and myself who will participate in the table “Cartographies of the image” on saturday. For this reason, I USA phone number the publication of a book that includes a selection of reactions. To his thinking from the hispanic field ( judith butler in dispute. Readings on performativity, co-editor Leticia Sabsay, Egales, Barcelona, ​​2012). Finally, I also built bridges by daring to follow Judith’s own advice and autobiographically spin my popular book Divinas! Models, power and lies (Anagrama Essay Award 2015, Anagrama, Barcelona).

Even Today Deleuze Is A Tremendously

I will soon have the pleasure of being your discussant at the CCCB and, as your disciple, I plan to open up new possibilities for questioning social reality, as for me, one of the great contributions of thought has been to be able to bring the questions of philosophy in the Humanities, including the gender perspective (transversal and intersectional), of course. A pending subject? A double entry tribute to Professor Agustín García Calvo (1926-2012) , by Laura Fontcuberta and Francesc Núñez. Laura Fontcuberta The writer, philologist and translator Agustín García Calvo died on All Saints’ Day. He was born in Zamora in 1926 and had received, among others, the National Prize for Essay, the Prize for Literature and the Prize for Translation for his work as a whole.

USA phone number

He was also a university professor and contributor to various media. Cultivated almost every genre, from journalism to theater, and as a political thinker. He questioned all dominant ideology from a perspective close to anarchism. His reflection on the mechanisms of language as thought. Action led him to reinterpret the history of philosophy and above all made him interested in pre-socratic thought. The uniqueness and diversity of his works, personality. Trajectory make all of us who have followed him have an almost unique image. Many of us, however, owe it to ourselves, since our student days. To discover pre-socratic texts through pre- socratic readings ii.

Influential French Philosopher

Razón común , a critical edition, translation and commentary of fragments of the book of Heraclitus, which can be placed on the same level as the internationally renowned classical editions on these fragments. Use these lines as a tribute and gratitude for helping us get closer to it. Francesc Núñez Like many of you, I want to join in the tribute and gratitude to Agustín García Calvo. Let me make a brief praise. Augustine lived apart from appearances and fled from the great Discourses full of Ideas. Surely he would consider the strategy of fascinating others with erotic capital (so fashionable since the publication of Catherine Hakim’s book) to be another strategy of Capital to keep us submissive as proud individuals of their “possessions.” ”.

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