In this episode, we’re chatting with Matt Nelson, the creator behind WeRateDogs—the twitter sensation dog_rates, that has more than 2.8 million followers (and his own book, WeRateDogs: The Most Hilarious and Adorable Pups You’ve Ever Seen). The account shares images of cute dogs with a rating on a scale of 1-to-10… although just about every dog gets a rating Switzerland Phone Number List above 10… because, well… Matt believes dogs are pretty great. At 20 years of age, he just finished his sophomore year of college and he’s juggling this side hustle he started a year and half ago—with a full course load and internship. Dude has some serious marketing skills.

The Side With We Rate Dogs Creator Matt

Despite all of his competing priorities, he’s been able to amass an incredible social following including 177,000 followers on Facebook and 190,000 followers on Instagram. And, Matt’s monetizing his audience—over the past four months, he’s generated $50,000 in revenue—largely from the sale of merchandise from his website, werate Let’s say it’s Johnny’s birthday in the office today Switzerland Phone Number List and you’re in a rush. Fire off a quick HBTY over Slack and you’re done—congratulations, you just saved yourself 3 seconds of typing. Think your current project is going off the rails? Get everyone on the same page and preface it with a quick LBH. As in, LBH, the talking baby chat bot feature is a stupid idea.

Switzerland Phone Number List

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About

If you have a shirt that says “I’m not an asshole, I’m just honest…” then this will be your favorite on the list. Try starting your needlessly harsh critique with a TBH and cross your fingers that they’ll appreciate the honesty (and not call on your least favorite acronym: HR). Switzerland Phone Number List Your boss wants you to take on all the projects from the guy who just quit with no extra pay? And get them done in half the time? With no overtime? NBD. Really, it’s NBD… right?! Say you just chose the wrong podcast hosting and got locked into a year-long contract… that’s an FML moment. Or let’s say Jim loops you in on an email from the boss asking for yet another round of revisions on the project you two are working on.

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