Be Data Driven

A data-driven campaign is often the most CMO Email Lists effective campaign. Many of the startups and established businesses have embraced data-driven plans. According to experts, this evolutionary incident of marketing will turn into a revolutionary trend in 2016 and beyond. Data is required to get certain business objectives and it will also ensure the ROI on your digital marketing spend.

CMO Email Lists

A data-driven strategy will also help in analytics as to which channel is performing better and how to manage your content’s lifecycle.

Develop Customer Personas

It will also facilitate you in conducting market research. There are various channels you can choose to conduct such surveys that include social media, mobile surveys, marketing tools, traditional questionnaires and email campaigns, etc.


This way you can develop customer personas and that will, in turn, help you to develop better content strategy, ad campaigns, and social marketing strategy.

Click here to know how to define a buyer persona.

So, data always helps you in business decisions but make sure that you’re not paralyzed by an overdose of data.

ow to collect and use data?

Data can propel you to achieve the best results in marketing. First, determine what your business goals are and how would they ensure your success. Look beyond simple print and online ads that we see on TV and newspapers. We don’t always need that big budget exercises. New technologies have empowered us to leverage social media and email marketing to target specific audiences in minimum spend.

Please go through the following post, if you want to know how to collect data for your digital marketing efforts using social media APIs (Application Programming Interface):

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