In today’s episode, we’re talking to Laura Belgray, the freelance copywriter turned online business owner of a diversified company called Talking Shrimp. Laura got her start Venezuela Email List after college doing work for companies like Nickelodeon, NBC, Bravo, USA, Lifetime, and other television brands where she wrote a lot of creative & catchy promo spots for upcoming episodes of some of America’s favorite tv series throughout the nineties and 2000s.

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Today, Laura still takes on a limited number of freelance copywriting and strategic advising gigs but has the portfolio (and tangible client results) to charge a very hefty rate for her services. On top of this side of her business, Laura’s gotten into building a dependable source Venezuela Email List of revenue from affiliate promotions, and the sales of her own courses—one of which is called The Copy Cure and is a copywriting course in collaboration with the massively popular online entrepreneur, Marie Forleo.

Venezuela Email List

From Freelance Copywriter To Building

The Forecast 🌤: For February, I’m really turning the heat up. I’m expecting my side income to cross over the $40,000 mark (!!!). That’s far higher than ever before. Venezuela Email List Plus, during the month of January, I booked a grand total of $54,250 in affiliate commissions from just Bluehost alone (from my starting a blog guide). And since Bluehost pays out 45 days after commissions lock, it’ll deposit in March, making that another guaranteed record growth month already.

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