He didn’t care too much about the print, color, or size. Words, too, had to arise in the same way, with the rigor and relentless logic of the thing that speaks, of the people who speak in words, when they arise without the will to be IDEAS. His voice captivated, like the common logos that his words twisted. He wrote (and even more so, in classes, in famous conversations, in lectures, and in tireless conversations) on many topics. In her admirable translations of the pre-Socratics, as Laura praises us, we should highlight exceptional books on language: Lalía. Essays on the Linguistic Studies of Society _ _ _ _ of what he speaks. He also wrote “against” many impositions, because to say NO, said Augustine, is a fundamental characteristic of what remains of us as a people and is not allowed to be subdued by the great WORDS.

Against time , Against Peace , Against democracy , Against the couple . It was ahead of some of the discomforts and outrages of our times. In “his” modest but endearing publishing house Lucina, he has published letters, stories, pamphlets, manifestos and jewels and delights such as De la felicidad (which was literally linked to a mini book Alabanza de lo bueno. Appendix to De la felicidad ” ) O Love and the 2 sexes i Of the time of love and forgetfulness . I am copying two excerpts from these last books. One because it is significant of his thinking Sri lanka phone number way of arguing; the other, because it is a jewel, a premonition, the people who speak. Agustín García Calvo is a great philosopher and, above all, he can be a good teacher. We rescue his inheritance. Or better yet, let the common reason speak within us.

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A classic example of geographic segmentation is that of McDonald’s: the products it offers to consumers in India (a country with little meat consumption) have a strong vegetarian offer, but not in the US, for example. Segmentation by type of business Another way of segmenting markets is considering companies, in the sense of identifying industries and sectors . It is a valid option in the B2B segment, that is, companies that sell to companies. In the same way, it is possible to segment according to local or international sales. In the case of considering an international market , beyond geographic segmentation, it. Is key to be very attentive to the cultural issues that govern that market. A typical example in this sense is that of arcor: when it wanted to export to japan, it had. To make a very significant change in strategy and packaging.

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In Japan, sweets are not casual consumption, but are with presents and details to show affection. To enter the market, Arcor had to adopt those values ​​for its brand. Segmenting, in marketing, means finding ways of grouping based on a selection of common criteria. The quality of the segmentation result, in turn, will be subject to the quality of the data that is collected for the segmentation. How to segment markets? implement market segmentation strategies to reach your target audience In order to design a market segmentation strategy, it is important to evaluate which is the most convenient, according to the sector and, of course, the business objectives. Within the market segmentation strategies, we can consider: Undifferentiated segmentation strategy. Based on mass marketing, the strategy consists of offering the product, brand or service to the entire market, without divisions into interest groups, for example.

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It is about offering your product to the entire audience, in general. Why carry out this action? To reach as many consumers as possible, through the same channels. Differentiated segmentation strategy. In this case, it is about applying the same differentiated marketing strategy according to the segment. That is, once the market has been and a strategy has been, it will be with the necessary modifications according to the profile of each of the segments. Personalized segmentation strategy. As if it were a segmentation strategy taken to the extreme, this modality is in tune with the description of the buyer person .

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