Before we get deep into how to write a follow up email, let’s first establish two significant points: timing and frequency.I’d like to start by saying that 91% of business emails are opened and read within the first 24 hours.Additionally, 90% of the replies you’ll get from the Poland WhatsApp Number List email will come within 24 hours as well.Does that mean you should send your first follow up 24 hours later?At Respona, we understand that you risk permanently burning bridges if you come across as “spammy.”That’s why we recommend being cautious with your number of follow-ups. Email tracking can also help you know if your emails are getting through to your contact.

Based on our experience, 1-4 follow up emails is ideal, depending on the objective of the campaign and the importance of each target.It’s important to adjust the number of follow up emails based on who you are emailing and what you are asking.Sending 4 follow up emails Poland WhatsApp Number List within the span of 4 days is the fastest way to get flagged for spam, and ensure a blogger will never feature you or give you their time of day.That doesn’t sound ideal, right?

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How To Write A Follow Up Email in Six Steps

Instead, you should send the first follow up several days after the previous email.We would recommend 5 working days for most campaigns.The subsequent follow-ups should come at least 1 week after the previous one.For example, if you’re a beauty and skincare brand like Lancôme, then it makes total sense to collaborate with a lifestyle blogger like Chiara Ferragni…Poland WhatsApp Number List Keep reading to find out more about whether link exchanges can hurt your SEO. Author’s Note: As a relevant FYI, LinkExchange was an advertising company that was acquired by tech giant, Microsoft, back in 1998.

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