Showing the recipient how much you care about him/her. Living in the ‘tech-free zone’  Colombia WhatsApp Number List Content strategy is increasingly about trust and integrity. And as the digital world (the companies, the media) loses those two core values, we’re going to focus more offline on real people, real problems, in the real world. Of course.

 We will continue digital means

other and to exchange everything. But more often than before, this will be supplemented with offline contact. In the ‘shared space’, the shopping street, the flagship store, the dance party, the study room, the public living room. The people who built the digital world in the 1990s preceded us in conquering the online world. Now t ahead of.

Us in the latest trend

Colombia WhatsApp Number List

In Silicon Valley’s schools and homes, cell phones, iPads, and digital screens are increasingly banned. The nannies of the children of some digital pioneers already have to sign a contract that they will no longer use the mobile phone or the iPad in the presence of the kids. Silicon Valley is on its way to becoming a ‘tech-free zone’ . How ‘tech-free’ is your content strategy?

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