Harley Quinn, the clown who officially broke up with the clown, did not have so much time to immerse herself in the breakup. It is about to set off a bloody storm in the underworld of Gotham City. With the arrival of 2020, we have bid farewell to the second decade of the 21st century, which belongs to the decade of superhero movies. However, this year we will continue to welcome countless superhero movies such as “Mutants” and “Black Widow”. , “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Mobius”, “The Eternals” and other movies lined up to enter the theater to make a fortune, but this year’s first superhero movie “Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn Liberation” It was an eye-opener for me to see this colorful,

lively superhero film from Cathy Yan bringing

a breath of fresh air to a superhero movie that has long had no new tricks. While the Marvel Avengers franchise has become formulaic and Kazakhstan Phone Number has a huge  movie universe, the DC Justice League series is still swaying in the wind and waves. Last year’s “Shazam” is certainly distinctive enough, but “Birds of Prey” : Harley Quinn is bolder, thanks to star and co-producer Margot Robbie, who has long stuck to the film’s creative plan, using her superstar powers to secure Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn “Moving forward in the original direction.

Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn’s Liberation

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begins with a colorful animation clip, which has already foreseen the director’s bold and violent style this time, full of energy and femininity, and Robbie is proof of what she interprets. Why did Li Quinn become the most distinctive character in “Suicide Squad” that year? This time, Harley Quinn, whether it was her hangover in a nightclub, her fascination with bacon and egg sandwiches, walking out of the rainbow smoke in slow motion, The change in the makeup on his face made Robbie look like a radiant light. Plus Robbie has a wonderful cast to accompany her, and Christina Hodson’s script makes Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn a masculine, feminine film about how this group of women emerges from a society full of masculine toxins. , the process of pulling each other up.

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